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Announcement: A Detailed And Honest Review Of The Pimsleur Approach To Learning A Language

Many of us are given the chance to learn a language at school, with varying degrees of success; some of us learn French from an early age and are able to use it fluently into adulthood, others of us may still have some high school Spanish phrases we can use on foreign holidays, but what about older students that want to start a new or unusual language from scratch?

Learning a new language as a mature student can be a necessity for many reasons, from business to family connections and travel, and the most desirable way to do so is arguably one that is fast, easy-to-pick up and enjoyable.

The Pimsleur approach claims to be able to offer you a range of languages and says it can help you learn with the best possible method but is this true? This Pimsleur approach review will take a look at factors such as the method, benefits, buyer feedback and risks to help you understand if this is the best method for you.

What is the Pimsleur approach? 


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Online language programs that send students CD-roms and other materials are not a new concept, budding linguists have had a choice of companies and methods for years and, as the world becomes smaller, the desire to learn new and unusual languages has only increased.

With such a large number of options available, why is the Pimsleur approach so special?

The popularity of this audio-only method can be accounted for by a number of different factors; it has a large selection of languages available, it was scientifically developed over 40 years, it is highly accessible and it has been purchased by the FBI. On top of this, the creators also have a very appealing sales pitch that claims buyers can learn their chosen language in just 10 days.

Does the Pimsleur approach work?

The benefits highlighted on the sales pages make the Pimsleur approach stand out from other, more recognisable language programs but it it really that effective and beneficial for users?

The fact that this method has used such careful research and “scientifically sequenced” material shows that a lot of thought has gone into the creation of these lessons and it seems that this approach makes use of recommended techniques to help ensure retention of the information and have the buyer speaking the language quickly.

The use of audio files only may seem limiting, particularly to those that prefer visual stimuli, but the focus on pronunciation and vocabulary over precision and grammar is beneficial for speedy learning and the repetitive structure of the lessons helps users refresh their knowledge.


What do users of the Pimsleur approach have to say about the method?

On you cannot move for people wanting to praise the product for their new found success and language skills. It appears, from these testimonials at least, that the program really is able to help people learn with ease, whether they choose Spanish, French or any other language, and that the simplicity and unique nature make it a worthwhile product.

In between the positive adjectives and capitalised thanks there are some suggestions that the product is not that stimulating – such as those that got “sidetracked” – but on the whole the approach is promoted as a brilliant way to immerse yourself in the language.

Away from all the glowing reviews on the website, the response to this language learning program is more mixed with many buyers agreeing that the method gets results and others writing very negative reviews.

It should be expected that a promotional website would gloss over some of the less appealing factors but some users go as far as calling the Pimsleur approach a scam and a complete rip off.


Why has the Pimsleur approach provoked such a strong response

…and are there any other factors to be aware of before you buy?

The reason that so many people are quick to slate the program is that they were caught out by the pricing structure and lured in by a starting offer that actually is too good to be true. The Pimsleur approach is an example of a product where you really have to read the small print and understand the commitment you are making.

There is an attractive little starter pack priced at $9.95; however, this is the first of many packs you will be charged for as part of an automated renewal system that gives you a new course each month. The final cost of the program can be very expensive.

Also, it is worth noting that while the site often claims that you will be speaking your chosen language in 10 days, this is a vague promise. You will have a better grasp of the vocabulary and phrasing but you will be nowhere close to fluent.

Pimsleur VS Pimsleurapproach

What is the difference between the Pimsleur approach and the more official looking

There is clearly some confusion over the legitimacy of, particularly when there are so many complaints about the billing system and there are so many other websites out there offering the same product – allegedly. A quick Google search brings you results like Pimsleur technique, Pimsleur unlimited and the simple but which can you trust?

When comparing these sites, it is best to compare vs because this means putting the apparent knock-off up against the most official site. The site’s owners, Simon and Schuster, are basically carrying on the work of Dr Pimsleur and using his teachings and methods to create this series of digital, audio programs and is essentially the original source for related sites like “approach” and affiliated marketing such as the Facebook page and Twitter account.

In the initial battle of Pimsleur vs Pimsleurapproach it is easy to see why some people would prefer to deal with the former; there is a level of clarity and transparency that is appealing to users wary of the seemingly deceptive nature of Pimsleur approach. In fact, the wording and structure make the products seem completely different when just packages them in a different way and offers more detail about the what each pack offers. The starter lesson of Pimsleur approach is just a re-sold version of Pimsleur’s”Quick and Simple” 4 hour introductory pack and the follow-up”gold” edition is a repackaged version of the later courses like the mid-range “compact” set and the final, 16 hour “comprehensive”.

To put it simply, the Pimsleur approach is not a fake or a scam version of Simon and Schuster’s products, it is just an alternative site that is a little less open about what it is trying to sell.

Summary: could the Pimsleur approach to learning a new language be the ideal method for you?

There are clearly some good and bad points to the Pimsleur approach; as a learning method it has a lot of potential because of the accessibility of the material and the way that it makes you learn the vocabulary, but it is also slightly limiting in its appeal and has a very large final price tag.

In short, if the audio-only approach to language learning fits in with your learning style, you have the patience to work through the repetitive material and you are happy to invest the time and money into the scheme then the Pimsleur approach could be the language teacher you are looking for.

If you choose to buy the Pimsleur where should you go?

Now you are aware the details of this product, the final factor to consider – if you are prepared to make the investment – is where to buy it?

It is always worth dealing with a company direct so you can understand the full terms and conditions and benefit from a secure site. Additionally, has the added advantages of free sample lessons and free shipping.

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