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Five Best Language Learning Websites

Learning a language can be hard. For those who pay to take classes to learn languages, it becomes a little easier, with classmates, teachers, and an environment that is constantly dedicated to learning that language. However for those of us who are wanting to learn a language outside of normal academic paths, there are some great programs that you can still access.

In fact there are a bevy of amazing sites and programs out there for even the most novice of beginners for any language. However there is no “one size fits all” for learning a language, which is why we’ll be going over a variety of sites, this way you can try them out to see which ones fit just right for you. Best of all, they are all free. These are the five best websites for learning a language.



The first site we’ll look at is Memrise, a site that specializes in using flashcards to help get words down pat. Flashcards are a very helpful tool when learning language and math.

They help the brain associate pictures (visual), with words (verbal), and vice versa. Utilizing more than type of learning process helps the brain concrete things faster.

Flashcards also help the brain use associative figures on the fly; putting you at an advantage anytime you are answering in a calm environment such as test taking.

This site is also highly customizable, allowing users to put their own pictures into the flashcards. This site is best for visual learning.

Foreign Services Institute


The American Foreign Services Institute offers their language resources and services for a myriad of different languages.

Including some that are offered on very few other sites or even in academic classes. Such as Fula, Tai, Lao, and African tongues like Igbo and Shona and even Kirundi.

The site is top-to-bottom language learning, filled with hundreds of hours of audio tapes and text pages with study guides included.

The Foreign Services Institute is truly an archive of language materials and resources. Even if just used as a secondary resource to learn a language, there is still a lot to be gained from using this site. Best for audial learners.



While Busuu doesn’t have as many languages available for study like the Foreign Services Institute, it makes up for it with efficiency.

Busuu takes a very rounded approach to language learning. The process is easy to pick up, but very effective in what it teaches you. The first lesson of japanese had me using and reviewing full sentences.

Busuu is very engaging and makes you want to continue your lessons as soon as possible. While there is the slight downside of some of the resources being only available to “premium” members, you can still finish full and complete lessons without ever paying a thing.

The single most helpful thing about Busuu is the ability to take your lessons with you on the go. By downloading the app and logging in, you can access everything from the comfort of your smartphone.

Best suited for all types of learners, however Busuu tends to treat you like you know some basics of the language you’re trying to learn. Though it is not necessary.



Duolingo is considered one of the most well-rounded language learning systems out there right now, due to “game” like feel and ability to immerse the user.

Duolingo makes learning a language fun and engaging at every step. A “Streak” counter tells you how many days in a row you have been on.

Exp points count toward your lesson completion, and the “Heart” system gives you incentive to not make mistakes, but doesn’t hurt you to much if you do.

Their introduction of a “Token” system called “Lingots” allows you to unlock extra stuff, including outfits for you owl mascot, and additional language situations, such as flirting language. Which gives the user that much more reason to keep on with their lessons. Best for all types of learning, even beginners.



Livemocha is more of a straightforward language learner.

The lessons focus on key and core elements of the language with reading, listening, writing and speaking each studied in their own capacity separately. The key principle is to break down what the user is going to learn, have them learn it, then have them apply it.

This gives the user a complete run-down through each course and even gives some breathing room for beginners or those struggling to learn. Best for all kinds of learners.

These are just some of the material and resources available on each site. Going and exploring each site will yield more results and allow you to experience these sites first hand. Not to mention there are plenty of other great sites not mentioned in this article. So if you’re serious about language and want to learn it on your own time and terms, check these sites out and see if they can help you today!

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