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Pimsleur vs Rosetta Stone

learn language photoTrying to learn a new language can often make you feel frustrated and overwhelmed, especially if you have only spoken the same language throughout your entire life. After all, you have become so accustomed to speaking in your dominant language that the very idea of learning another language in its entirety is enough to make you feel like running away.

There are a lot of reasons that you might be trying to learn another language, but for the most part, you are either learning for work or you want to expand your horizons. Imagine that you have always wanted to learn Italian or you are being transferred to a new location at work and you need to learn Spanish quickly.

As an adult who is trying to learn a new language, you may decide to turn to one of the companies that claims to specialize in helping you learn languages quickly and efficiently. There are a number of different programs out there, and some definitely work better than others. Two of the most common programs are Pimsleur and Rosetta Stone. These are probably the two that you have heard about the most. Of course, they both claim to be superior when it comes to their programs.

When it comes to Pimsleur vs Rosetta Stone, how do you know which one is best?

The truth is, it all comes down to the way that each of the two programs work.

For example, Pimsleur teaches you how to speak a different language by using repetition. The thought process behind it is that the more you repeat something, the better able you will be to remember it. This in turn makes it easier for you to speak a particular language – Read our full review here.

While it is true that repetition can definitely help you learn a new language, Pimsleur has a tendency to tell you that you can learn a new language and speak fluently in less than two weeks. That is a little ambitious. If you are being realistic, you probably realize that it is going to take longer than two weeks to learn how to become fluent in any language that you have never spoken before. Having said that, the system does work, albeit far more slowly than the company usually claims.

Rosetta Stone, on the other hand, makes a lot of claims about being the best in the business and helping you learn any language in about a month.

The system that they use is completely different from Pimsleur.

  • They like to show you pictures of objects while you listen to the words being spoken.
  • They are attempting to create a connection between seeing the object and hearing the word repeated in your ears.
  • They then attempt to build on this information so that you can start stringing full sentences together.

It is a wonderful idea in theory, but in reality it simply does not work all that well. Knowing how to say a word for an object is one thing but speaking in full sentences, or comprehending them for that matter, is another thing altogether. For that reason,


Therefore, if you really want to learn a new language so that you can effectively speak to and understand others, Pimsleur is your best bet between the two.

It may not be the most exciting method of learning something, but it is effective. The biggest challenge will involve your level of dedication. If you are determined enough to stick with it from beginning to end, you can successfully learn a new language and then use it to communicate.

If you use Rosetta Stone, you might be more engaged during the lessons themselves, but the chances of actually learning anything useful are simply not as good as they are with Pimsleur.

Learning anything new requires time, dedication and effort. This is especially true when you are trying to learn a new language. The idea of learning in just a few days is nothing more than that- an idea. Therefore, you should choose a high quality program like Pimsleur and then put forth the time and dedication to get the job done. When you learn in that particular fashion, you can rest assured that the information will stick with you.

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